Annapurna Farsan Mart


                                                 ANNAPURNA   FARSAN   MART  

                                                                       Premium  Quality  Snacks


  "ANNAPURNA" is a Sanskrit name which literally means 'Full Of Food". But is normally translated as Goddess of Harvest - "ANNAPURNA DEVI " ( a universal & timeless kitchen GODDESS ) The Mother Who Feeds. Hence, name itself guarantees you of the Quality & Satisfaction.

     " ANNAPURNA  FARSAN  MART " is one of the leading names since 1986 in Mumbai suburbs. Since it is a traditional business of Namkeens, Sweets, etc. our preparations are being carried on daily basis & under strong Quality control with personal attention & our hygenically prepared products ensures 100% Quality & Taste.

      " ATITHI  DEVO  BHAVA "  takes a whole new meaning here at  ANNAPURNA FARSAN MART.

     " Delivering Fresh & Quality Products For Customer Satisfaction Is Our Main Motive."

     Our products' range is not limited to dry namkeens but also from sweets & fresh hot snacks & mini meals. We also take party bulk orders & also cater to some of the leading & well known corporates in Mumbai.

     We also specialize in seasonal items like "Surti Undhiya", "Gajak", "Rewri", "Nankhatai (Thadri)", "Karanji", Sindhi Desi Ghee "Gheear" & "Thandai" for Holi, etc.

     We also make Snack Boxes For Birthday Parties, Picnics, Satsangs, Family Get-togethers, etc.